Introducing the Esteemed Female Comedy Ensemble!


“The only way to broaden your horizons is to embrace the unexpected.” - Mae West


The creators behind BROADS of BROADWAY™, Julio Ray and COMEDY PIE™ Productions, proudly present an unparalleled exhibition featuring the epitome of female comedic talent across America. Renowned for their five-year domination of the vibrant NYC COMEDY Scene, these performers have swiftly become one of New York City’s most esteemed and diverse groups in female comedy showcases nationwide.


Among the exceptional lineup are Nicky Sunshine, Christina Galston, Linda Belt, Peaches Rodriguez, Yamaneika, Leanna Conley, Leighann Lord, Mary Dimino, Robin Fox, Joanne Filan, and many other extraordinary talents! With extensive experience gracing renowned comedy establishments such as Caroline’s On Broadway, Gothams, Comic Strip, The Laugh Factory, Broadway Comedy Club, Times Square Arts Center, The Comedy Store, The Imrov and more—alongside appearances at various local and national venues—these comedians have established themselves as fixtures within the industry.


Their collective accomplishments include performances at prestigious festivals like The New York Comedy Festival; engagements with prominent shows such as Last Comic Standing and The View; participation in notable events including The NBC Diversity Showcase; contributions to media outlets like Logo Network and XM/Sirius Radio; appearances on platforms like Sci-Fi Channel; involvement in USO Comedy Tours; collaborations with Comedy Central; acting roles in independent films and theaters—the list goes on.


As these trailblazers continue to shatter barriers within the comedy world—one uproarious performance after another—they garner resounding acclaim from both industry insiders and adoring fans. Undeniably unstoppable in their pursuit of excellence!


“I emerged victorious because my resilience surpassed all others.” - Bette Davis